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The Carnival is a wonderful time of the year and expected by many. A day where families and friends gather in the streets of their city with colorful and funny costumes, with the sole aim to spend together a few moments filled with laughter and emotions.

In Ilumiaciones Ximénez we are well aware of the importance of Carnival in many cities, for that reason we offer for these events a Carnival lighting service completely customized for each city. This party will be more memorable thanks to projects light fills the streets, spaces, shops and squares with spotlights and decorative items of all kinds.

In Illuminations Ximénez we are the leading company when offering custom projects for lighting carnival all kinds of people and spaces. There is no idea, however ambitious it may be, we can not bring to reality.
Carnival lighting
Carnival lighting

Carnival light decoration 

The Carnival lighting is a key investment for this party. Our lightning service is just what this party needs to be a success.

In Illuminations Ximénez we manage integrally all lighting Carnival. We design, manufacture and install all our products and points of light always following the guidelines and requirements of our customers.

Thanks to our comprehensive service, we achieve the most attractive Carnival for the public. We decorate and enlighten the entire street where there will be more influx of people and where will the rides.

Do not wait, enlighten this year your Carnival with Ximénez and turn your city into a real tourist attraction. And if you are a particular and need to light your establishment for Carnival, do not hesitate to contact us, we'll prepare the best light decoration project for you.


  • Own manufacture of decoration and carnival lights.
  • Comprehensive service. We design, supply and install all our lighting projects.
  • Minimum energy cost. Thanks to the LED technology we use in all our projects and points of light, reduce energy costs to a minimum.
  • 75 years of experience in the field of decorative lighting
  • We create original lighting and carnival attractions that generate a lot of tourism.
  • Custom projects for each city and space.
Carnival lighting