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In the hotel sector, there is nothing more important than getting guests to feel comfortable and enjoy a positive experience that gets back in the future or recommend the hotel to family and friends. Not only is it important to have a team of highly qualified and well maintained facilities, a key point is the decoration and lighting of the hotel.

The first impression forms a crucial role in the overall experience that will have the guest in a hotel. Upon entering the reception, the customer is already beginning to form an idea about your stay. For this reason, it is key to provide lighting that creates a special and friendly atmosphere that invites the guest to relax.

In Ximenez Group we design, manufacture and install lighting projects for hotels completely custom. A good decorative lighting gives us the power to convert a three, four or five-star hotel to a boutique hotel with real charm.
Lighting for hotels
Lighting for hotels

Lightning and decoration for HOTELS

In Ximenez Group, as a leader in the field of decorative lighting, we are aware of the importance for hotels to offer guests quality lighting that understands your needs and invite you to spend an excellent stay lasting in memory.

For this reason, our departments of design and technical lighting projects develop completely customized for each hotel. That means that each of our customers can choose from fully customized way will be the designs, spot lights and lighting that will shine at the reception, rest area, bathrooms, rooms, restaurant, function room & hellip;

Thanks to a lighting and custom decoration enjoy an advantage that will make you stand out from other competing hotels that have a basic lighting and default.

Do you think you could get more out of lighting your hotel? Contact us and we will prepare a customized solution.


  • Own manufacture of decoration and lights for hotel
  • Comprehensive service. We design, manufacture and install all our lighting projects.
  • Low energy cost. Thanks to the LED technology we use in all our projects and points of light, reduce energy costs to a minimum.
  • More than 75 years of experience in the field of decorative lighting
  • We create original lighting projects and attractive hotels that help create the best experience for guests.
  • Projects custom to the client preferences
Lighting for hotels